Teacher's Training for Montessori & Pre-school teachers

We train Montessori and Pre-school teachers in several aspects that help them understand children’s minds better while also understanding and analyzing their inner emotional selves. They cover aspects relating to Brain gym and effective communication with the children. 

Who Can Benefit?

 All Montessori or pre-school teachers who wish to have a better rapport with kids and to find sync with their minds

How Does It Work?

 Group sessions (online/ face-to-face)

  Well researched and compiled programs are designed to provide all-round exposure to various aspects like mind programming, confidence building, brain gym, basic brain functions, and calibration of students

Key Takeaways

 Teaches self-awareness and empathy

  Helps in building effective communication and rapport building

  Improved emotional intelligence

  Helps in enhancing academic teaching abilities and improving STM, LTM, hand and mind coordination techniques for children

  Improved level of offering and receiving feedback in a positive way

  Brain gym