Coaching for Children & Parents

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The personal coaching program for parents and their children involves ways to communicate better mutually, calm anxieties, enhance mutual relationships, and so on.

Programs Offered

  Child/ Adolescent coaching

  Child and Parent coaching

  Behavior therapy

  One-on-one parenting session

Who Can Benefit?

  Parents of kids below the age of 10 who wish to understand their children’s thought process better

  Parents and youth (aged 10-18) who wish to address the mutual relationship and/or communication concerns or help each other grow out of anxieties

How Does It Work?

  One-on-one session (face-to-face/ online)

  A preliminary meeting is held based on which the format, duration, methods of coaching required are analyzed and executed

Key Takeaways

  Gives both a chance to explore their inner self

  Helps calm anxieties

  Teaches self-awareness, empathy

  Improved interpersonal relationship

  Effective communication

  Coping with emotions & stress

  Positive parenting