Coaching for Students


These sessions help all those aged 10 to 18 in setting the right personal and academic/ professional goals, overcoming issues like peer pressure, examination/ academic stress, personality development, boosting confidence and self-esteem, and improving memory.

Programs Offered

  How to score high in board exams (Duration: Based on client need)

  Academic excellence through goal setting (Duration: Based on client need)

  Win over Anxiety, Fear, Stress due to Exams (Duration: Based on client need)

  Memory & Concentration (Duration: Based on client need)

  Life coaching sessions (Duration: Based on client need)

Who Can Benefit?

Pre-teens and teenagers

How Does It Work?

  One-on-one and group sessions (classroom model/ online)

  A preliminary meeting is held based on which the format, duration, methods of coaching required are analyzed and executed

  Sessions relating to examinations and academic excellence are planned in two phases: before examinations and after, whereby tips and tricks and time-tested methodologies are advised to students to achieve the desired result

Student Feedbacks

Thanks to Harini Mam. My son and me had a wide range of difference after my son attending her session. I have been follower of Ms. Harini past 3 years. I like her dedication and work she is attaining. As a woman I am proud of her and inspiring too. I am happy that she cleared my thoughts about my son and had positive approach towards him thanks so much Harini mam

– Praveena, Chennai

Thanks for the lovely session with my daughter. I found her too reserved and confused for the reasons I could not find out. she is very shy and never talk to unknown people though she spoke to you only once, she opened up within no time with you very easily. I saw her being more chirpy as if a big load has been knocked off her head. Thanks so much for truly helping me out.

– Shriya, Bengaluru

Harini has done excellent job. I feel this is an appropriate time for children and parents to go through these sessions. With stress level and competitiveness increasing, coping up with failure and success is very critical. Harini has brought her expertise to help some of us write our own success story. I feel it is right time and satisfied with the approach. Good work and Thank you.

– Sathya Niranjan

Key Takeaways

  Relieve fear, stress, and anxiety

  Guides utilization of energy in the right direction

  Set achievable personal/ academic goals

  Overcome external and internal pressure

  Achieve high scores in exams

  Increases confidence and self-esteem

  Improves memory and focus

  Experience calmness and peace

Prompts positive behavioral change

  Successful and Happy person