Group Classroom Training

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Group trainings on life skills are conducted for schools/ colleges for students and faculties. We also deliver positive parenting sessions which enlightens on value based parenting.

For Students

 Life skills/ Soft skills training for Students (Duration: Based on client need)

  Academic excellence through goal setting (Duration: 4 hours)

  Memory & concentration (Duration: 3 hours)

  Learn how to learn (Duration: 4 hours)

  Win over anxiety, fear, stress due to exams (Duration: 3-4 hours)

  Personality development (Duration: 10 hours/7days)

For Parents

 Positive parenting sessions (Duration: 2 hours)

For Teachers

 Soft skills training (Duration: Based on client need)

 Training for Montessori & Pre-school teachers (Duration: 2 days)

  Teachers as leaders (Duration: Based on client need)

  Teaching character strengths and creating positive classrooms by mindful practice (Duration: 6-8 hours)

Who Can Benefit?

 Students from the age of 12- 20

  All parents

  All teachers

How Does It Work?

 Group sessions

  Well-researched and compiled programs are designed to provide all-round exposure to various aspects like mind programming, confidence building, overcoming negativity, leadership development, and developing a better understanding of others

Key Takeaways

 Provides guidance in adopting a result-oriented approach

  Teaches self-awareness, empathy

  Improved interpersonal relationship

  Effective communication

  Develops leadership qualities 

  Inculcates positivity, overpowering negativity