About us

Vibha Education Services Corp. is an MSME registered trademark training and coaching company based in Bengaluru, India. This dreamchild of Ms. Harini Ramarathnam was established in the year 2014. Over the years, it has emerged as a highly trusted and recommended institution acting as a guide and support system to all those who wish to unravel their inner selves and realize their dreams. Vibha Edu Corp conducts private and group workshops, webinars, coaching, and training sessions for children, parents, teachers, women, and entrepreneurs. The sessions are based on Mind Programming techniques in general; and Goal setting, Memory & concentration, Winning over anxiety & stress, Personality Development, Positive parenting, Positive thinking, Success design, Personal mastery programs, and Child/ adolescence issues in specific.

The goal of Vibha Edu Corp is to push individuals into the state of complacency by nurturing their emotional strength to complement intellectual capabilities. Each of the programs addresses different issues and aspects of life, dreams, and accomplishments. However, the fundamental motto behind all the programs relates to building self-esteem, boosting confidence, and focussing on self-love. Vibha believes that the real urge to dream, to succeed and to live comes from within.

Vibha Edu Corp’s programs have touched and changed the lives of over 5000 individuals to date. The realizations obtained during the programs have helped these people find and actualize new endeavours in their professional and personal lives. The success stories of clients that the institution has coached to date are proof enough that Vibha’s beliefs and ideologies stand true.

Our Vision

To grow into a stronger, empathetic entity providing a channel to individuals of all ages to explore and boost their emotional and intellectual potential by acting as the guiding light to leverage such potential for future success.

Our Mission

To touch the lives of individuals across the globe through private and group, physical and virtual workshops and coaching sessions to guide them walk past their personal and academic/ professional struggles, look the challenges in the eye, strengthen self-esteem and come out victorious.

About the founder

A life filled with challenges, values, and dreams – this is how Harini Ramarathnam describes the story of her life. Harini decided to use the life lessons from the challenges she faced to help all those in need, and becoming a life coach was the first step towards the goal. The foundation of her career as a life coach was laid 18 years ago when she started teaching, mentoring and guiding students, and that was when she fell in love with the idea of adding value to people’s lives. In 2014, Harini gave a direction to her vision and created Vibha Education Services Corp. She designed coaching programs based on the experiences of her struggles and challenges and the memorable paths to victory.

As a motivational speaker, coach, and founder of Vibha Education Services Corp., Harini Ramarathnam makes it a point that each of her sessions is formulated to empower people, boost their confidence and build stronger and brighter personalities. She is known for her simplistic yet sophisticated, candid yet sensitive approach with which she wins her mentees/ audiences’ trust. Regardless of their age, she connects with them and helps them achieve lasting confidence, self-love, and self-esteem. 

"The universe's way of making  you grow and evolve is by putting you through pain and discomfort."
– Harini Ramarathnam

Her work till date broadly comprises of:

  Sessions with parents for improvement of communication and understanding between parents and children through innovative methods

 One-on-one workshops for children to overcome stress, fear, anxiety, grief, anger management, school transitions, friendships, planning academic and career goals, etc

 Training programs empowering teachers to be in sync with the minds of children and with their own

 Motivational programs empowering and encouraging women primarily, and men at times, to identify their inner strengths, conquer their fears & barriers, strive for the desired direction and set & reach attainable personal and professional goals

Harini- a Solopreneur, motivator, guide, a multifaceted personality with many feathers to her hat, believes, and preaches that ‘healthier and happier’ should be the way of life. She hopes that she can guide more people in finding their way to a good life and dreams of a better world that stimulates enhanced realization of inner peace and self-love.


  Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Development- American TESOL Institute (ATI)

  Certification in Behavioural Skills and Facilitation- London College of Business Sciences( LCBS)

  Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)- NFNLP, Florida, USA

  Certification to conduct Trainer’s training in Student Skill Enhancement and Memory Development- ICPEM

  Certification in Training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  Certification in Presentation Skills- British Council

  Certification in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence – ISB