21 Day Positive Thinking Challenge

Focused on understanding positivity, hope, happiness, and composure, this certification program will enhance and change your behaviour towards the various aspects of life and help you stride towards inner peace. The character of the entire program is structured for like-minded individuals who are willing to work on themselves to see a change

Who Can Benefit?

  Anybody and everybody who wishes to take a positive outlook on life

How Does It Work?

  It’s a WhatsApp course, with 4-5 master class with the trainer. Interested individuals willing to dedicate their time and interest will be added to a WhatsApp group

  Following enrolment, the participants will receive task for the next 21 days

Key Takeaways

  Provides clarity of thought and sense of relaxation

  Brings confidence, joy, positivity and calmness

  Self-acceptance and accepting others

  Guides through the personal and professional path of growth

  Emotional and physical fitness