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  • Memory & Concentration
    Enhance Your Cognitive Skills
  • Winner of "The Lioness-Best Trainer Award 2018
  • Score High Marks In Exam
    Win over Anxiety, Fear, Stress due to Exams
  • Memory & Concentration
    Enhance Your Cognitive Skills
  • Goal Setting
    Set smart goals and achieve them

Goal Setting

Helping the students to achieve academic excellence through systematic study plan, goal setting, self-confidence & the sub-conscious mind programming and excellent time management.

Memory & Concentration

There are some specific skills that can be learned to enhance both concentration and memory. The training focus on developing the cognitive skills.

Leadership training for teachers

We believe that It is important for the teachers to be in sync with the minds of children, to understand them better and thus communicate effectively.


Vibha Education Services Corp. is training consultancy, for students, parents and teachers. Vibha’s vision is to create a channel that boasts of nurturing emotionally strong children complemented by intellectual concept formations in through the workshops sessions that include working on confidence, self-image and self-esteem building, improving memory and concentration where we holds their hand when they stumble through mental blocks leading them to where they truly ought to be.Know More

What we offer

Vibha Education Services Corp. Provides training for students to Enhance Cognitive skills, Program sub-conscious mind, achieve goals, Cope up with Stress that is faced by students due to academics, peer pressure and elevate their personalities to heights. We also offer teacher training and parenting sessions. We provide training in the following areas:

Academic Excellence Through Goal Setting

How to Score High Marks in Board Exams

Win over Anxiety, Fear, Stress due to Exams

Memory & Concentration

Session on Positive Parenting

Teachers Training Programs


Past Events